• Keen to work with children?

  • Need a new income stream within your private practice or looking to expand your practice?

  • Want to specialise in an area basically 'untouched' in New Zealand?

  • Want to start a new private practice on your own but don't know where to start?

Better Kids™ is a paediatric practice program and assessment tool designed by an Occupational Therapist with paediatric experience.

Better Kids program™ contains all relevant information and content to assess AND treat children aged 3-8, who are functioning below their chronological age, either due to developmental delays, disability or injury related.

Better Kids program™ contains the latest edition standardised tests, including the VMI (Beery) 6th edition, DTVP-2, Clinical Observation test that include DVD's, and the Wall Model of Occupational Performance for children assessment that includes an activity tool kit; but most of all, tasks and treatment activities that have been used and recognized worldwide to treat children appropriately.

Better Kids program™ also contains specific reporting templates and administrative forms required to start and effectively run a practice, allowing you to generate an income immediately.

Better Kids™ paediatric program and assessment tool is now officially available in NZ, with immediate interest from Occupational Therapists and universities from NZ and world-wide. Geographical restrictions have been employed within NZ due to demand, to prevent market saturation.

With low numbers of Paediatric practices within New Zealand, this 'niche' area has untapped potential.
This is your chance to branch out if you are already in private practice, to allow a different funding stream outside of ACC, or to assists you to effortlessly step into private practice, independently or within a team environment.

Finally! - A step by step Practice Program designed by an Occupational Therapist
FOR Occupational Therapists!